Saturday, October 07, 2006

Another month ticking by....

Well, it's October! It's cycle day 23....5 more days until testing. Then we'll know if we finally figured out this baby thing (with some help from Clomid) or if we try another month.
I went ahead and purchased a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor. I had hoped to use it this cycle but you have to start by cycle day 5....and I didn't get it from the ebay guy until day 7 :(

So we'll either have a positive pregnancy test this month or we'll use the monitor next month. I've heard of lots of people getting pregnant using the monitor for just a month or hopefully we'll have a POSITIVE before Christmas.

On the other hand, we've decided that if we aren't pregnant by January then we are going to plan a BIG summer vacation. So, every cloud has a silver lining.


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