Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Who is that girl yelling in CVS??

If you happened to be in your local CVS Pharmacy last night around 6pm and you noticed a young lady crying on her cell phone and then yelling out "Well that sucks" and you wondered, "Who is that girl?" Well, let me introduce myself....my name is Amy and I'm dealing with infertility.

Yes, I am aware that I totally lost it in the middle of CVS but please let me explain. You see I was trying to fill a prescription that I had to start taking right away.....but the insurance company kept insisting that I use the mail order pharmacy. I tried to explain that the mail order pharmacy cannot get medicine from their warehouse in Boston to my house in Texas in 8 hours......but the insurance company couldn't seem to grasp this fact. So they were denying my claim. I tried to be nice at first. I promise I did. But I lost it. The stress of infertility plus the stress of work on Monday just boiled up and I exploded.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the customer service rep from said insurance agency. I'm sorry I yelled at you. I understand that you don't make the rules and that you just answer the phones for minimal pay at best. I'm sorry I told you that your company sucked and hung up on you. I was very rude. It won't happen again.

JW put everything in perspective when noting later that although it sucks I had to pay $46 out of pocket when I should've just paid $10 that if we didn't have the insurance we did we'd be paying over $2000 for this cycle (Labs, ultrasounds, medicines, procedures, etc). So, in the grand scheme of things paying $46 is way better than paying $2000.



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