Monday, January 29, 2007

Hoping to Claim Victory....

Well, we had our IUI on Saturday morning. Usually I'm so lazy on Saturdays and can easily sleep until 10am so it was weird to be up, showered and ready to go at 8am. We dropped off our sample and went to this great local breakfast place....which was closed. We were so sad. We'll miss Yogi's.....there's another one but this one was closer to our house!
Anyway, we went back to the doctor and got the procedure done. I super impressed that Dr. Carrington and Sherry came in on a Saturday to do the procedure. Dr. Carrington is not my regular doctor but he was on call so he came upstairs to do the IUI.
When he left he told us that he hopes to be able to "claim victory." I hope so too.

Our RE appointment was moved to Feb 12th. And we found out that there is another RE who comes highly recommended that is on our insurance after all. His office can't see me until March 24th we have to decide which one to go with.


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