Monday, November 13, 2006

3 pregnancy tests later........Cycle 16 begins

Well, I tested on November 9th. Negative. It was early so I held onto hope.

So, I tested again on the 11th. Also negative. I wasn't scheduled to start my period until Monday though so I kept on hoping.

Monday, November 13th---one last test in the box. One last big fat negative. Honestly, if staring at it hard enough could make a line appear than I'd be in business.

Then this afternoon, Aunt Flow dashed all my hopes with her arrival.

So, here we are. The beginning of cycle 16. I'll call the doctor tomorrow to schedule my HSG. They are going to inject dye into my uterus to check it out. Sounds fun, right? I wasn't really worried about it until I found out that all the dye eventually leaks out, sometimes there is bleeding involved and oh yeah, terrible cramping.
Cool. I can't wait.


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