Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nail Shop of Horrors

We spent the weekend with my in-laws. On Saturday, JW, his dad and his brother all went fishing. My mother-in-law took me and my sister-in-law to a salon and day spa to have manicures and pedicures while she got her hair colored. The place we went to was really nice and it was fun to hang out with them since I actually really like my mother in law.

Anyway, the nail place I go to at home is run by Asian women. They usually speak to each other in their native language (Vietnamese, I think but I'm not sure) and barely speak to me at all. Well, at mother in law's nail place the woman was white and talked up a storm. I explained to her how we were all related and how sister in law and I are married to twins. We talked about my job, her job, etc. Then she started asking about kids. "Do you have kids?" "When are you going to have kids?" "How long have you been married?" "It's time to start having kids." She was so sweet but she went on and on and on and on. I was tempted to say, "It isn't as easy as they made it sound in high school but would you like to hear the details of what we've been through?" I thought about giving a nice little summary of 6 months of clomid, 2 IUIs, 5 days of injections and prepping for another IUI but I didn't want to be rude to this sweet lady.

My SIL and MIL know the whole background though and I could tell SIL was freaking out.....she later told me that she wanted to tell the lady to shut up. My sister in law's sister also dealt with infertility so she gets how hard talking about it can be.

Anyway, it just reminded me that after dealing with all this over the past 20 months I will never again ask someone when they are planning on having kids or any other prying questions...especially not in the middle of a nail salon when their feet are soaking in a whirlpool and they can't get away!

It is however the best pedicure I've ever had! My toes look great and my feet have never been so soft.

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