Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Grandma Rita....

The weekend after labor day we took our little man to Iowa to visit my grandparents. My grandmother was in the hospital because of complications arising from lung cancer. My grandfather has alzheimer's. My grandmother was very frail and barely had the strength to feed herself. She lit up when she saw our baby though. He laid in the hospital bed beside her for a while and she loved every minute of it. My grandfather was so surprised by the baby but held him and cuddled him.

It was a priceless weekend. I'll forever be thankful that we went to visit when we did because my grandmother passed away on Sept 19th. We flew back to Iowa for the funeral. It was good to be around our family but it also didn't feel the same without her there. I had an amazing grandmother. Words can't really explain her. Her family and her faith were so important to her. And she passed that on to her children and grandchildren.

In the midst of all that Sept 22nd was the anniversary of our egg transfer. I look at the picture of those two precious embryos and I'm so thankful that a year later I'm cuddling a wiggly, giggly 14 lb baby boy. I said a special prayer that the Lord will protect our little frozen embryo until we're ready to expand our family.


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