Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm still waiting....

I'm waiting to see if this last IUI took. I've been totally overwhelmed with grad school and work even though I'm should have the summer off!! I have written three other posts and not posted them. I'm read several other infertility blogs that are deep, inspiring and profound. I don't feel like I'm any of these things. I'm more whiny.

I did however have a really deep talk with my accountability partner about the whole infertility struggle and I'll try to remember some of that conversation later and post it....because it was so deep I had to roll up my jeans.


Blogger Princess Peach said...

Amy...i hope you get good news on your IUI.

blogs are honest thoughts...they don't need to be deep or lenghthy to make a point :)

Wishing you the best.

11:34 PM  
Blogger andrea_jennine said...

I hope the IUI worked for you.

Don't worry about writing like other bloggers do; if I gave into the thoughts that so many people write better than I do, I would have stopped long ago! Just write from your heart and write what you think will be honest and honor God at the same time.

1:45 PM  

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