Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm blessed...but also swollen....

Seriously, getting pregnant was the hard part. 35 1/2 weeks in I can say that overall this pregnancy has been pretty easy. I wasn't sick much...just a little queasy during the first trimester. I had some gall bladder issues for a few weeks but those went away. I've gained about 30 lbs total and have just recently started to get uncomfortable when trying to bend over or get out of bed. Certain things do make me start breathing heavier than before but face it growing a human being AND doing the laundry at the same time is asking A LOT. Plus the heavy breathing is a good reason to ask JW to help with stuff around the house that I would normally just take care of.

But I am swollen! Oh dear it is crazy. I have started wearing my wedding rings on a chain around my neck because I could barely get them off my finger on Sunday. And I'm not sure who the owner of the feet and ankles I'm currently sporting are but it isn't me. These feet that are currently attached to my body don't really fit into any of my shoes by around noon-ish. This means I'm wearing not so "professional dress" flip flops during the afternoon at work. I wore sneakers (yes, I call them sneakers) to work on jeans day and when I got home my feet look fine but my ankles were huge. They were beyond actually looked like a round ball had settled right above the shoes.

I'm currently in the process of interviewing for a new job and I'm always a little nervous that they are going to want me to come for an interview in the afternoon....what shoes will I wear???

JW and I were in the mall last week and I was browsing the shoe section. I could tell he was getting antsy so I just looked at him and said, "I don't know why I'm looking at shoes. I can't even see my feet."

I hope my ankles return to normal after the baby arrives. On a related note I hope my belly button does too since it disappeared a few weeks ago.

Now it is time to go and put my feet up on something....


Blogger Diana said...

My ankles are doing the same thing! I have only gained 25 pounds and I think at least 10 is in my ankles adn feet!

4:57 PM  

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