Monday, March 24, 2008

So now I'm nervous...

When we got home from work today JW checked the messages. There was a message from Dr. D's nurse asking me to call her. Gee, I wish she'd called my cell phone. JW asked if I was going to call her back. I told him that they won't be at the office at 6:45pm and this didn't seem like an on-call doctor type thing.
Last Thursday I had my 1 hour glucose tolerance test. Dr. D told me that they would only call me if I failed the test or was anemic....either way now I'm nervous.
The 1 hour glucose test made me feel awful so I'm dreading that she might say I need to take the 3 hour test and of course I'm dreading the threat of gestational diabetes even more.
And of course I'm just going to feel like a bad baby mama if I'm anemic.

Of course I'll be calling Dr. D's office first thing tomorrow morning!!

(Chris, if you read this before tomorrow's update don't tell mom. I don't want her to worry for nothing.)


Blogger Diana said...

Crossing my fingers that it's just a call to let you know all is well!

3:32 PM  

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