Thursday, March 06, 2008

Silly girl....

So last night I was on my way home from church and I called JW to see what he wanted to do about dinner. I didn't really feel like cooking since it was already 8:30ish. Anyway, he's asking me what fast food places I'll drive past on the way home so I start listed them out. He says, "Taco Bueno sounds good. I want the nachos from there with the steak." I told him they don't have those kind of nachos at Bueno and that he's thinking about the nachos at Rosa's. As I'm telling him this I swing into the Bueno and glance at the drive thru menu to be sure.
I confirm that I'm correct but instead of backing up I just decide to drive around....but there is a car at the window so now I'm stuck in the drive thru lane. I'm still on the phone with JW and I start laughing hysterically as I'm telling him what I did.
So he tells me, "Since your there just order" but I have to explain that the drive thru is kind of L shaped and I've gone around the curve and I can't possibly back up around the curve because backing up isn't really my thing....which my husband already knows but it just makes him laugh harder.
So, as I'm pulling out of the Bueno JW says that Wendy's sounds Wendy's it was.


Blogger gracechild said...

i'm with you on the backing up thing girl. I used to be so good at it, but with age came over-caution & a strange inability to back up properly

8:56 AM  
Blogger katd said...

I once ordered my food at the drive through and then proceeded to drive through and leave without my food. How dumb is that? :)

9:14 AM  

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