Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is it just me???

Crazy things happen to me sometimes. I used to think these types of things happen to everyone...but now I'm starting to wonder if it is just me. Here's my example from today:

Today I was suppose to start a new class in my master's program. The class is suppose to meet every Wednesday from March 12-May 7 from 4:30-10:30. Yes. You read that right--6 hours each night. I registered for the class when I signed up for spring classes in December. I haven't really thought about it since. So, today I got online to double check where exactly the class was meeting and the computer was telling me the class didn't exist. I called the Educational Leadership department at the university I attend. The secretary informs me that I was indeed enrolled in the class but that the class met from Jan 16-March 5!!!


Now, I begin TOTALLY freaking out. Did I write down the wrong dates? Am I that stupid? Did they change the class and not tell me? Did they tell me and I somehow missed it??
I already paid!! I paid with a student loan so I not only paid for a class I never went to but I have to pay interest too!! I never showed up so it looks like I dropped...but now it is going to show up as an F on my transcript!!!! So, of course when I freak out I also start crying hysterically. (This condition has been slightly aggrevated over the past year and a half due to the hormone fluctuations in my body thanks to clomid, gonal-f, infertility in general and now pregnancy).
Not taking the class this semester means that I won't have 18 hours in my graduate program by the summer. It means that I won't be able to take the Texas principal certification exam this summer which might be crucial in finding a new job. It means that I'm going to be behind in my coursework.
I call JW and tell him all about how stupid I am and how I'm a bad wife and I've just wasted all this money at a time when we are trying to get control over our finances.

Did I mention that I'm having this breakdown at work????

Anyway, after much hysterical crying I finally get in touch with my advisor. The class dates were indeed changed. The university should've notified me but sometimes that doesn't happen (WHAT??). But PRAISE THE LORD because the advisor was totally able to "fix" it.
Here's the "fix:"
1) I'm going to get an incomplete instead of an F.
2) She's going to talk to the department chair about self-paced study with either the actual professor or with the department chair himself.
3) I won't have to pay anymore money!!

The great thing about the self-paced study is that I've heard from several people that this class is one of the easiest in the program.....and if I've taken classes from the department chair before and he isn't a tough professor at all. So, this could actually wind up for the best....because I will probably be able to complete the course before the baby arrives, stay on track in my course plan and not have to sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair for 6 hours each night!!
WOOHOO!! Thank you, Jesus!!

The other kind of cool part in all this is that I hang out with two high school girls from church every Wednesday. I was really worrying about how this class was going to affect the time I have left to invest in these girls before we move. And now it looks like I'll probably still be able to hang out and disciple them on Wednesday evenings because I won't have class afterall. YIPPEE!!

So all is well that ends well but let me tell you that it was a very stressful 45 minutes trying to figure it all out. Do things like this happen to other people too?? Or is it just me??


Blogger gracechild said...

yep God does come through in marvellous ways when we least expect

8:41 AM  

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