Friday, May 23, 2008

Trip to the hospital #1....

First off, can you tell the hormones must've been raging when I wrote that last post??

Anyway, last night we made our first trip to the hospital. I started feeling really uncomfortable about 3:30pm or so. It totally seemed like gas pains which I've gotten fairly regularly in the last few months. I took some Gas-X and watched my tivo'd Desperate Housewives while trying to relax. I watched the whole two hour season finale and was still hurting.
SIDE NOTE: Do any of y'all watch Housewives?? What did you think about that 5 year flash forward? Craziness. I really love that show and I'm totally going to miss it over the summer.
I tried walking around, sitting, laying down. Nothing was helping. All the pain was in my upper back though right about where my bra comes across.
I finally called the on call doctor about 7:30 because I was still really hurting but I knew I couldn't take more Gas X. He recommended some Zantac so I sent JW to the store. I took that and tried to lay down and sleep a little. I did get some rest but my back was still hurting. I took some tylenol around 10ish. I hadn't taken any earlier because I was still convinced it was gas and tylenol doesn't really help gas.
So, now it is about 10:30pm and I've been in pain for about 7 hours without much of a break....JW has been so patient throughout this whole thing. He went and got the Zantac, he rubbed my back, he brought me water, etc etc etc. But finally he just told me that I was being ridiculous and we should just go up to the hospital.
And since it had been 7 hours of back pain I agreed and we went.

We drove to the hospital, parked and walked in. It was after hours so we had to enter through the ER. I told them I didn't want a wheelchair and they allowed us to just walk through the hospital and around to L&D. This is actually a pretty far distance but as we're walking I'm noticing that I'm starting to feel better. I told JW that I didn't want to go upstairs to L&D just yet because my back was feeling better so we walked another lap around the bottom floor. We went upstairs and actually just sat in the L&D waiting area for about 15 minutes.
I finally decided that I couldn't go tell the nurses that my back hurt because it didn't hurt anymore. So we went home.
Yep. We just drove to the hospital, walked around and then came home. It was ridiculous.

Overall I'm just hoping that the next time I endure 7+ hours of pain that I actually get to meet my little baby at the end.


Blogger Diana said...

WOW, I have never heard of someone driving to L&D and then going home! That's a pretty good story! Glad you feel better now.

6:48 PM  
Blogger katd said...

I hope for you, too, that next time you're in that much pain you get to leave with your baby! :)

2:48 PM  

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