Sunday, May 20, 2007


What an exciting event in our lives. JW actually held a baby Saturday night and between you and me I think he loved it.

We went over to see our friends from college who had a baby a few months ago. Little Brynlee was in a pretty good mood despite lots of congestion. Anyway, we pretty much just hung out in their living room and talked.....catching up on old times and hearing about their possible upcoming move to Abilene.

Toward the end of the evening JW help Brynlee....I think this might be the first baby he's held since I've known him.....and maybe ever.

It was a big deal for him and I was so proud of how sweet he was holding her. I wish I'd taken a picture. Of course when we left I told him that him holding a baby was almost as hot as when he pulled weeds in the flower beds that afternoon. Maybe with some encouragement he'll be willing to do both things again!!!


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