Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Baby Meetings....

Today I went to a baby meeting. Actually it was suppose to be about planning our 10 year reunion....but that was only part of the time. I got there on time at was me, Monica, Crystal and Kerri....who have all had babies recently and talked about them....what they eat, how they sleep, how loud they cry, how long they are, how the doctor's office measures them wrong, on and on and on and on. This was overwhelming to me in many ways and not to mention awkward since I obviously had nothing to contribute.

Thankfully Dustin and Cassidy showed up and we actually got to talk about reunion stuff...I took my sister's advice and provided guidance but deflected all responsibility.

I came home and got the house ready for our small group to come over. We have a "small" group from church that meets in homes each Sunday. I use the term small very loosely since there were 18 people at our house tonight and at least 5 regular attenders didn't show. We basically have church in our living rooms. Anyway, tonight it was at our house and I was in charge of snacks. Our small group has been amazing because they've been praying for us throughout this whole infertility journey and they helped A LOT when I got sick last cycle. Plus, we have couples in our group who can relate---M and L dealt with infertility and have moved on to adoption; T and N who are doing IVF this summer; and C and K who tried for over a year and are now finally pregnant. We also have two other pregnant women in our group and two couples with kids already---Jack who is 15 months and Caroline who is 3 months old.

Anyway, tonight I found myself just staring at Amanda and Cory's bellies. Sometimes I wonder if that will ever really happen to me. I watched Rebecca rock her little Caroline to sleep and longed to do that too. I watched Jack run around outside, throw balls and play in our sand box (it came with the is becoming a flower bed this summer) and I can't wait for JW to have a little boy to chase around our yard.

Overall this post has no point except that tonight was filled with longing of what might be.

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