Friday, May 11, 2007

Pour me a margarita---Cycle 21 approaches!!

So, the latest bloodwork was negative. No baby for us. I wasn't really surprised. I've kind of known all week that it would be negative. The PMS on Wednesday and Thursday that caused me to almost kill JW was a sign of a period on the horizon.

The nurse said Dr. K was so surprised and disappointed. He's suppose to call me tomorrow about what we do now. She also confirmed that my ovaries were over 10 cm each when I hyperstimmed.....they are back down to their normal size of 3-5 cm now. I still don't feel 100% better though.

Anyway, we're probably going to take off the next month. We are going on vacation right after ovulation and I'm scared to death of hyperstimming at a beautiful beach in a 3rd world country.
I wonder if Dr. K will monitor me if I don't get on meds. I've never had ultrasounds through a med free cycle and I'm interested to see how my ovaries respond when they are free from clomid and Gonal-F.
I also looked into acupuncture but it isn't covered on our insurance and we can't really afford to see Dr. K and go to an acupuncturist and pay my tution bills for Grad School.

So I guess we're doing another med free cycle.....which means a month without side effects and probably another month without a baby.


Blogger The Town Criers said...

I'm so sorry about the negative. I came to drop off your imaginary margarita. It sounds like a good idea to take a month off to recover. To relax during the vacation and regroup. I hope happy news comes with the next cycle.

3:05 PM  
Blogger hope548 said...

Hi, I happened upon your blog through your first commenter. We have a lot of parallels. I started with Clomid, then moved on to FSH+IUI. Never hyperstimulated, but responded great, just never got a baby. I'm also busting my butt in grad school and we've had to find that balance. We're about to go on vacation to Costa Rica, and though I'm not doing any treatments now, I was starting back to acupuncture, but I'm putting that on hold until we're back. Turns out we also live in the same area. Craziness. Sorry for your negative results. You seems to have a really good attitude toward it and a strong faith that gets you by. Take care!

10:45 AM  

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