Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Twins Are Here!!

Our sweet friends from church had their babies last week. Two healthy little boys. We stopped by the hospital but the babies were in the warmer so we went over tonight to see the little guys. They were both so small and sweet. Baby A was a little over 5 lbs and Baby B was 4lbs 11oz. I know these aren't bad weights for twins (especially because their mom is a teeny, tiny former gymnast) but they seemed so small compared to the other babies I've held lately. Anyway, they are the cutest things ever. Even their little 5 days old cries were even cute.

We had a nice little visit taking turns holding the boys. JW even held the babies. It was wonderful and these boys are such a blessing.....but it definitely made us realize that if we are lucky enough to have more than 1 healthy embryo that we'd better think seriously about how many we really want to the transfer!!!


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