Friday, August 17, 2007

10 year reunion....

In high school one of my favorite teachers was pregnant and lamented how she was going to be REALLY big and pregnant at her high school reunion. This stuck in my head and has been floating around in there for years along with the thought of "I don't want to be pregnant at my high school reunion." And once trying to have a baby became a reality it never occurred to me that we'd still be trying at this point.

Of course after struggling with infertility I could care less whether I'm pregnant or not at the 10 year. I am suppose to be on the committee to plan the 10 year reunion. Secretly (and not so secretly) I could care less. I don't really care where it is or what the name tags are like. I just don't want to pay TONS of money to talk to people that I didn't care to keep in touch with over the last 10 years. I've been trying to come up with a way to get off of the committee but haven't been struck by any bolts of genius in that regard. I know that I could technically just say, "No" but that isn't a word that comes out of my mouth easily.

Now, here's the ironic thing.....they finally set a date for the reunion and emailed me about it today....if this IVF works I will be 39 1/2 weeks pregnant. I have a feeling that I won't even be attending the reunion at that now I'm kind of looking forward to IVF working becasue not only will I be pregnant (woohoo!!) but I'll also have an excuse to ditch all the planning stuff...which is a nice bonus.

I'm not terribly sad about this possibility of missing the reunion altogether since two of my good friends are getting married in Feb 2008 and March 2008 so I know I will see all the people I still talk to at those weddings. And yes, I still talk to people from high school. In fact, these two weddings both feature grooms that I met in the 6th grade!

Oh and on an IVF note, I got the HUGE box of medicine today. I took pics....which I'll post later!



Blogger andrea_jennine said...

I always thought I would look forward to reunions - until IF. I've been dreading going to my 5-year college reunion next month, not wanting to see everyone with babies and toddlers. Then, my husband had a business trip scheduled for the weekend of our reunion - so we're skipping the reunion and heading to Austin and Waco to see my family and high school friends (with whom I'm still very close)!

2:51 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

That sounds like a great reason to get pregnant! I hope this IVF works for you too!!! Good luck.

3:59 PM  
Blogger Kristen said...

What a great motivation for those embies to stick!

I don't look forward to any of my reunions either. I could care less. Any worthwhile people I keep in touch with are on MySpace so going to a party to see what happened to everyone is like #176 on my list of things to do. I totally know how you feel.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Mark & Christine said...

i love the way you think! xo

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Jenna said...

reunions gak! I am hoping you have a wonderful excuse not to attend!

... just stopping by as I patrol the boards for Mel's Lost and Found. Hopefully I'll be able to report some great news in a few weeks!

4:00 PM  

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