Thursday, August 30, 2007

Best thing about today....

Today overall was a pretty good day. Work was low key. My shoes were comfortable all day. :) The temperature in my office was nice. :) and I actually got some work done.

After work I rushed home so JW and I could go to our "IVF seminar." The embryologist did a nice little power point presentation about how IVF works, what the lab is like, step by step through all the procedures and information about what the different "grades" means for embryos. The nurse went over all the do's and don't's for the the egg retrieval and transfer days. A lot of it was review for me because I have a degree in reproductive endrocrinology from the Google School of Medicine.....but I think JW found it very informative.

Then we went out to eat at Maccaroni Grill. I had the chicken scallopine and it was great!! Now we're home and just kind of hanging out. I get to wear jeans to work on tomorrow and there will be a dessert for one of the secretaries birthday's. Woohoo!



I'm so glad to be done with the birth control phase of IVF. I'm hoping that my chest will shrink and I'll be able to fit into my bras for at least a few weeks.....we'll see what happens. The birth control pill was the part of IVF I was most worried about since my body responds weirdly and by weirdly I mean that my breasts grow. When I'm busting out of the DD bra I get a little nervous.

Now I feel like we're really moving forward....we're done with the BCP, we've had our mock transfer/hysterocopy, we went to out meeting. I know time is going to fly between now and retrieval and I'm predicting that it is going to crawl between transfer and beta.

****UPDATE: Today I ate lunch with the co-worker I wrote about earlier this week and some other ladies who work in the office. The conversation turned to kids and she mentioned that it took her almost three years to get pregnant the first time. This made me feel a little bad about writing about her on my blog. Then she went on to say that they got pregnant "like the day we started trying" for the second one......which made me feel less bad that I wrote about her on my blog. Her comments still irk me but I'll practice extending grace since she too knows that getting pregnant is not as easy as they made them sound in high school health.


Blogger Erin said...

I'm so glad you're off the pill and on your way! I'll be following along on your journey!

Drop Dead Gorgeous is SO great! Maybe I'll have to rent it for me ER recovery day...

7:42 PM  
Blogger andrea_jennine said...

I'm glad you weren't overwhelmed by all the information about IVF! I know I sure was...

The only instruction I still haven't figured out, after two IVFs, is DON'T wear nail polish for retrieval or transfer. Huh? Did you get that one?

7:06 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

YAY for no more BCP's, that is reason to celebrate!

10:26 AM  

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