Monday, August 20, 2007

A pedicure, an appointment and the first day of school...

This morning I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. It was great to sit in the massaging chair and relax. My toes and hands look great.

Then I had an appointment at Dr. K's office. I wonder if he noticed how good my feet looked in the stirrups.....JW came with me because I was having a hysteroscopy and then we were going to learn about all of our meds. (I'm still working on the picture.) Anyway, as they begin the procedure Dr. K tells JW that JW can stand up if he can't see the screen. JW said he was okay sitting and not seeing. So, Dr. K took a look and told me that my uterus looked "perfect" although in my opinion it was pretty gross looking. Of course I look away during most of the surgery scenes on Grey's though. I was really nervous about the hysteroscopy for some reason but I think the anticipation was worse than the procedure itself.

The weird thing about the appointment today was that there was different music playing in the office. Usually there is just instrumental music but today there was modern Christian music playing. It was kind of weird and unexpected since my RE is Jewish. Anyway, as we were waiting for the hysteroscopy my favorite Third Day song came on. I posted about the song a while back. Here is a link to that post:
(I can't remember how to make the link imbedded in a word) This helped me calm down a lot about the procedure. This song and laughing with my husband beforehand.

Then we met with the medical assistant and she went over all the medications I'll be injecting over the next few weeks. When we walked out of the office JW says, "I didn't understand why she was telling me everything at first and then I realized that I'd have to give you the shots." Priceless. In all the discussion about IVF I'm not sure how he missed that part!!

I also learned that I only have to do the progesterone in oil (PIO) shots until we get a positive beta and then I can switch to prometrium. I was so excited because sometimes the shots have to be continued for weeks and I was not looking forward to that.

Tomorrow is the first day of back for teachers. It is weird this year to be getting more prepared for tomorrow than for the actual first day with kids. Working in the office means that I'm making at least 3 presentations during inservice week and facilitating some small group meetings. Tomorrow is my big day. The Monday that the kids show up will be almost relaxing because I'll get to be in my office working.

So tonight I have to pick out a cute outfit to wear tomorrow....something that will go with open toe shoes so I can show off my pedicure.



Blogger andrea_jennine said...

Sounds like everything is going well as you gear up for IVF!

6:40 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Glad you had a good appointment and have a perfect ute! Your DH is adorable in his naivety!

Good luck with the shots and welcome to IVF!

11:22 AM  
Blogger Glenna Marshall said...

I'm a teacher's assistant and I just finished in service today. Our big first day is Thursday.
I would love to get a pedi and mani! Sounds like a good idea.

Good luck with all the meds and injectables!!

6:45 PM  

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