Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fight on....

Infertility sucks. It just does. Even if you have faith and are upbeat and trust that someday you'll have a family...the denial of something you want is frustrating and sucks.

Our friends, T and N, found out on Friday that their second fresh IVF didn't work. So, they have two failed fresh IVFs and a failed FET. I know they are frustrated. She has great response. She produces lots of eggs. Their embryos have grown to 5 day blasts after both retrievals. They transferred two and froze 3 after the first retrieval. They transferred two awesome looking embryos this time around. I know it is difficult to question "Why? Why? Why?" and have all experts say "We don't know."

They are on a shared risk program and have two more fresh tries included in their package. They are waiting until June though because they are both teachers and have to miss work to go to their clinic (which is in another state).

There is a part of me that wants to ask 1000 questions about "are you doing this? did your doctor say this? what about another clinic closer to home? have y'all tested this?" etc. And although I want to ask all these things because I care about them I also know that they don't need 1000 questions. They just need support. They need acknowledgement that infertility sucks....that failed cycles suck. They need held hands and hugs are they question themselves about what is going on with their embryos and where to go from here.

They need prayer. We're offering that and food....I mean, that's what friends are for.


Blogger katd said...

That's so rough; I'm sorry! Sending prayers and support to you and your friends!

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