Sunday, December 16, 2007

My husband has opinions....

My senior year in college some friends of ours were engaged. The guy refused to go with the girl to register. He just wasn't interested in that type of thing. I remember at the time being appalled by his behavior and worried that JW might be the same way if we someday got married. I worried for nothing.

I went to all the stores before we registered and kind of "pre registered" in my mind so it would seem painless to JW. I didn't think guys were particularly interested in china, towels, toaster ovens, etc. So, the lady at the department store lays out 5 place settings of china including the one I "pre-registered" for in my mind (and had already showed my mom and sister). The first words out of JW's mouth were "Not that one" as he pointed at my favorite. I was totally shocked that he even had an opinion on china. In the end, we compromised and got something different. And I love my china although I sometimes still think about that other pattern.

Fast forward 4 1/2 years later to the baby furniture store. I've been thinking white crib since long before we got pregnant...infertility gives one lots of extra time to think about such things. So, today we browsed a furniture store on our way to my sister's house. We walk up and down the aisles looking at TONS of different cribs. JW asks, "So, why do you really want a white one?" I couldn't help but think "Crap. This man gets opinions at all the wrong times." He found an espresso colored crib that he likes. And I like the espresso crib too and I have friends who have them and they look great.....BUT in my mind I've been envisioning the white crib, the white dresser...and well honestly the nursery isn't planned much farther than that since we've decided not to find out the gender which makes bedding choices a little difficult. But I want white.

Part of me wants to just say "We're getting white. End of story." But I know this is his baby too and he should get some say in the investment we're about to make in furniture.

I know that in the grand scheme of life the color of the crib is insignificant and meaningless but I just wonder why men get opinions at all the wrong times.


Blogger Rachel said...

I think the real question is "why DOESN'T he want white?" What's he got against it?

sorry your husband has opinions... 99.9% of the time I'm grateful mine doesn't :-)

9:05 PM  

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