Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Microwave issues....

The school building I work in is really old. You can tell that parts were added to the original building or that certain areas were remodeled in an "Oh, we need this now" sort of way. The front office of the school is kind of difficult to find. I drove around the building twice when I first came to interview here. I met one of my best friends at work because she was wearing a suit and wandering through the halls looking for the office (so glad my principal hired her so we could become friends).

Anyway, I have a small office with no windows. There is however a large vent on one of the walls....and on the other side of that wall is the kitchenette area of the office. The kitchenette has a sink, microwave and small fridge. It is nice to be able to heat up breakfast or lunch etc without having to trek down to the teacher's lounge. The bad part is that because of the vent my office smells like whatever is happening in the kitchenette. For example, each morning when the coffee is brewed my office starts to smell like french roast or whatever flavor has been chosen that morning.

Mornings aren't is the afternoon when I have issues. People start using the microwave and all sorts of weird smells wash over my office. Stews, leftovers, Lean Cuisine meals and the list goes on and on. I guess I should point out at this point that I have a hyper sensitive sense of smell. My family used to call me "The Nose" and not because my nose is big but because I can smell EVERYTHING.

And I'm starting to have serious issues with what people are microwaving in the office. I may have to post some rules on the microwave. They might look like this:

1) FISH. If you've brought fish for lunch go to the lounge to heat it, better yet just throw it out because even the idea of leftover, reheated fish is disgusting. This rule applies twice for salmon.

2) POPCORN. It's salty and delicious but my office will smell like it forever. No thanks.

3) All other foods must be approved by AMY before heating.


Don't you think I'll be popular in the office??
It is all in the name of sanity and getting work done though since I had to leave my office and seek refuge elsewhere today so the salmon smell could clear out.


Blogger Mark, Christine, Ava & Cuatro Danuser said...

i just threw up a little bit in my should not be taken as leftovers. for the love of all things holy. i think you should file for a disability b/c you are THE NOSE and then you should ask to trade offices... :)

8:15 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Hi. I stumbled across your blog somehow and thought it was interesting. Anyway. I can totally relate to your microwave problems. The kitchenette at my school is right behind my classroom. Typically its not terribly bad. However, when they start cooking things back there (which thankfully isn't very often) my entire classroom smells. And then of course I have students complaining the rest of the day of how bad it smells in here.

10:41 AM  

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