Sunday, December 23, 2007

I think that's everybody....

Well, we told the rest of JW's family on December 23rd. It turns out that my father-in-law figured we would want to tell everyone ourselves but failed to mention that to us until last week. Anyway, I wore a bulky cable knit cardigan so it wouldn't be so obvious when we walked in the house.
After dinner while everyone was sitting around talking JW announced our news. It is kind of exciting because everyone else we told knew all the details about the IVF and was sitting on the edge of their seats waiting......but JW's grandparents, aunt and cousins were truly caught off guard and not expecting the announcement.
JW's grandfather was so cute. He got so excited and started talking all about his great-grandbaby.
I was really nervous about telling them because I felt bad saying "Hey we're pregnant. I'm 16 weeks along and you're just finding out." But they didn't seem to care. They were just excited.
On Christmas morning, one of my gifts was pajamas. JW's grandma says, "I didn't know you were pregnant or I would've bought a bigger size. They have a drawstring though."

So, now I'm pretty sure everyone knows that we're having a baby. Now they just all want to know what it is.....too bad we aren't finding out!


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