Saturday, March 01, 2008

We must be crazy....

We must be crazy. I posted awhile back about JW's firm closing. This has kind of been a trying time for us. And he was offered a great job this week!!! It has great hours, its family friendly and a great professional opportunity for JW. The only drawback is that it is 50+ miles from where we live.

So, WE'RE MOVING. Now, I know lots of people move and maybe this isn't a big deal except....JW starts his new job next week. I work for a school district and am under contract through June 6. So, we'll be staying put through the end of the school year.

Our baby is due June 7th. So, we'll be in our current location through the baby's arrival.....And then we'll have about 11-12 weeks between when the baby arrives and when I'll need to start my new job (which I haven't found yet). (See title of entry)So, I'm going to pack up our house and move with an infant...(See title of entry)..

...assuming that we can sell our house. If we can't sell our house then we'll leave all the furniture so it looks nice for potential buyers and take our necessities to my parents house and live with them until our house sells. Yes, I said living with my parents. (See title of entry)

The new job is closer to my parents, my sister and her family, JW's brother and his wife so that will be nice. Several of our college friends live in that area as well. But we are sad about leaving our current house, our friends here and our church.

I'm trying my best not to stress about the whole selling a house, finding a job, having a baby all at the same time thing. But I'm really starting to think that we may be crazy.

I'm telling my current job next week that I'm not going to resign my contract. I'm dreading this because I feel like I'm letting them down and I don't deal well with disappointing other people. My principal was already freaking out about me having a baby this summer and not being around to handle certain issues....I hope she doesn't straight pass out when I mention we're moving.
Wish me luck!


Blogger katd said...

Good luck!!! Things will work out, I know it. You guys have been through much tougher things:) Although, the idea of moving with a new baby isn't something that would excite me, either! Keep us posted :) Congrats to JW on his new job!!

6:26 AM  

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