Monday, January 28, 2008

Sonogram pics....

We had our 20 week sonogram last week. I was actually freaking out a little bit in the days leading up to the sonogram but everything looked great. Everything was measuring right and looked good. I specifically asked the sonographer if the baby's head seemed large because I come from a family of large headed babies. We even out over time and don't have freakishly large heads as adults but the baby heads are HUGE. This is frightening to me as I consider a vaginal delivery of a baby with an enormous head. She reassured me though that the head seemed normal.

We did not find out the sex....yes, on purpose. We decided after our BFP that if it was two babies we'd find out but we'd keep it a surprise if it was just one. So, when that 7 week sonogram showed one heartbeat it was decided to let Baby #1 be a surprise.

Below are two sonogram pics. The first one is of the baby's face. It looks like the head is open but it didn't really look like that on the sonogram. The second one is a side shot of the spine.

I'll be honest....seeing our baby on the sonogram waving his/her hands and feet was amazing. It was 1 billion times better than I ever imagined during all those ovary sonograms at the RE's. Sometimes I can't believe that it has already been a year since our last failed clomid/IUI cycle and our decision to move on from my OB/GYN to Dr. K. Looking back it seems like the time flew by although I know from the reality of living it that every failed month felt like an eternity. Infertility sucks. I wouldn't want anyone to have to deal with it.....but I also know that it all seems worth it when I feel this baby kick me and see his cute little face on the screen (although he doesn't seem that cute in the pic).
And yes, I often refer to the baby as a he because 1) i think it's a boy and 2) because we have settled on a boy's name but the girl's name is still up in the air so it is just easier if it is a boy. :)


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