Monday, May 21, 2007

Just tell me what I want to hear....

So, I called Dr. K's office today to see what they had found out about IVF being covered by our insurance. I know what the insurance company told me on the phone but I just wanted it confirmed by my doctor's office.

Anyway, there is a weird sentence in the documents about Blue Cross covering 6 ART cycles and IVF after 3 medicated IUIs (injectable gonadatropins). It has the parenthesis just like that. So I called the doctor's office to see if they knew what that was all about.

I told the lady at Dr. K's that I've had 3 IUIs but only one was with gonadatropins and the other two were with clomid. She kept telling me that, "Well, Dr. K does a mixed cycle with clomid and injectables." I had to explain 3 times that I had two of the IUIs with just clomid at my other doctor's office and that Dr. K said if we do IUI again then we would just do it with clomid because of my bad reaction to the injectables. She kept telling me about mixed cycles as if I didn't remember giving myself injections or something.
The conversation ended with that she thought IVF was covered but if I wanted to call BCBS to double check for peace of mind that would be fine....

VERDICT: IVF is covered if I have three IUI cycles with Gonal-F.
Good thing I read my own policy.


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