Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Can I put a sticker on my file, Dr.K?

I want a big sticker for the front of my file at Dr. K's office. I want it to say "FREEDOM" really big on it because that is the name of the pharmacy I use. I wrote the information down on my paper work. I know for a fact that in my file it says that my insurance company will only let me use this ONE pharmacy....however, in the three medicated cycles I've had with Dr. K's office they have called a different infertility pharmacy and ordered my meds. This results in that pharmacy calling and me having to tell them "sorry, the nurse was wrong" followed by a phone call to Dr. K's to say "Hey, I have to use the Freedom pharmacy."

So, I wish they would just stick a big sticker on the file folder so we wouldn't have to do this dance every month. They could stick it right next to the one that says "Easily frustrated" or "Hormonal."

Am I asking too much??


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