Thursday, July 05, 2007

Let's get technical.

Yesterday for the 4th we spent some time with my family. First we went to my sister's house under the pretense that we were going to help them move some furniture because their baby crib was coming on the 5th.....she tricked us though and the crib was already set up. It's beautiful. Now all they need is a mattress and a baby....they are in the process of adopting domestically. I'm really excited because there is a good chance that they'll have a baby within the next few months and hopefully we'll get PG within the next few months which means the cousins will be close in age.

Then we went over to my parent's where we cooked out and played board games (because it was too rainy for the pool). Toward the end of the night my sister was asking me some questions about IVF and I gave her the whole run down. It feels so good to be able to put my medicine degree from the Google School Of Medicine to work sometimes. Actually, my understanding of the IVF process came from my friend Traci who let me borrow this informational book her clinic (GIVF in Fairfax, VA) gives to its patients. I'm sure that my brother-in-law wasn't so excited to walk in on the end of our conversation about ovaries.....but he survived. ***And a special "Good luck!" and "We're praying!" for Traci who has her retrieval this Friday!!!

I know IVF is a good shot for us to get pregnant....I just keep hoping that we'll get pregnant from these IUIs because sooner is better than later.....although honestly later is better than never.

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Blogger Diana said...

I like that... sooner is better than later but later is better than never. I like that very much. I sooo hope this IUI has worked!

9:49 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I also like to put my great extensive knowledge about IF and my body (That I never wanted to know about before) to use!! I wonder if I can get a degree from that school too? ;-)

How exciting about your sister!! Just curious, did they go through IUI/IVF before moving to adoption? I assume you've gone through IF at the same time?

2:13 PM  

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