Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good bye, Clomid!!

I think I've taken my last clomid pill!! I'm so excited. This should be our last IUI with clomid and injectibles and if it doesn't work then we are moving on to IVF....which means new drugs but no more clomid!
This was my 9th cycle to use clomid (not 9 in a row though). Anyway, the interesting thing to me about clomid was that my side effects were a little different every time I took it. Hot flashes, moodiness, nausea and headaches were the most notable although they didn't happen every month.
So now I'm down to just a few more shots of Gonal-F and one big ovidrel shot. Knowing that this is our last IUI has made this cycle seem very final and huge. I'm excited about IVF and the possibility of it working but it seems to be a huge step. I think sometimes because I have unexplained infertility that I'm in denial of the fact that something is wrong with us. Having to go all the way to IVF seems to just confirm it though.
But we'll cross those bridges when we get there. For now I'm going to celebrate not having to take anymore clomid and that IUIs have about a 20% chance of working....which is one out of 5....and this is IUI there's always a chance!!

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Blogger Diana said...

Always a chance and even better when you have a next step plan! Hope you don't need to go there though!

3:38 PM  
Blogger In Search of Morning Sickness said...

Hi... I found you from Andrea's site (Entrusted) and just wanted to say hi to another IF Sister (in Christ).... I keep two blogs, kinda like you do, separate. (1 personal, 1 IF) Anyway, we're unexplained IF like you are I see! I've done 6 Clomid cycles... 3 were unmonitored, 3 with IUI and one of those was with Gonal-f too. We're slotted to do IVF in San Antonio next month (even though we now live in GA, our clinic is there b/c we're military & there are only a few in the US). Anyway, I always like to meet other Christian ladies dealing with IF esp if it's unexplained!!! Anyway... I'll be lurking hope you don't mind.

8:01 AM  

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