Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another day on this journey.....

This morning I had another appointment with Dr. K. Well, actually it was just with the blood draw girl. There is a technical term for her job that starts with a ph and is fun to say....but I can't remember how to spell it.
Anyway, when I walked in there was a couple waiting. I recognized them from our IVF seminar a few weeks ago. They rode the elevator in the parking garage with us. The levels of the parking garage at the hospital are labeled with different Texas animals to help you remember where you parked. When we got on the elevator I asked JW "What level were we on?" He replied, "6. The jackrabbit level."
So I wonder if this couple thought "Oh look. It's the girl who parked on the jackrabbit level."
Anyway, elevator girl (who's name is Eden....isn't that cool?) and her husband both went back when the nurse called....I thought that was nice.

My stomach is bruised and red. I chose my skirt for work today based on what I thought would not push in on my tummy too much. And one of the secretaries at work today got all excited because she assumed that I was missing all this work because I'm pregnant.....well, not yet I told her.


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Blogger Searching said...

Awww, bummer about the secretary thinking you are pregnant. It always sucks to have to say "not yet." So, how much longer do you use yourself as a pincushion?

10:38 AM  

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