Sunday, November 25, 2007

What I did for Thanksgiving....

This year for Thanksgiving we drove to my grandparents' house in Iowa. It is just about 700 miles from our doorstep to theirs. JW was worried that it would take forever becasue I was going to have to stop ever five miles to use the bathroom. We made it in about 12 hours though and only stopped about 5 times. And then the fun began....

I love going to my grandma's house. It is unlike anyone else's. The entire family converges from around the country. This year we were 22 strong including my super cute 3 month old niece. My grandma's house has four bedrooms but has a big finished basement. There are three bathrooms but one of them is in my grandparents' room which I've been inside of once in my entire life. So, twenty of us are sharing two bathrooms....and only one of them has a shower. You can imagine the hot water situation.

Highlights from the trip:

1) We pulled into my grandparents garage after driving for 12 hours. We experienced misty rain that froze on the car through much of Kansas and Nebraska. Our car was a mess. After unloading, my grandmother asked JW to go clean up the "lake" his car had caused in the garage. So, JW and my dad spent about twenty minutes or so trying to wipe up the puddles from our car. The towel would get soaked so JW was wringing out a soaking wet towel outside when the temperature was in the teens.
Obviously I played the pregnancy card to get our of this one.

2) We shared a room with my sister, her husband and their 3 month old baby. I was really nervous how this would go. Everyone kept saying it would be "good practice." As if someone really needs to practice waking up to a crying baby in the middle of the night. My awesome niece Ava though is a pro sleeper and didn't bother us at all.

3) My 6 year old cousin was playing some type of pretend pirate game with JW and my brother in law....I'm not sure how the whole thing started but he insisted his name was "Arrg" through much of Thanksgiving weekend. He would only respond to "Arrg" and spoke of himself in 3rd person a lot which was hilarious. He also gave JW a pirate name....Fart.

4) My aunt Kim made margaritas. We've NEVER had margaritas at Thanksgiving in my whole life and of course I wanted one SO bad because I can't have one. Honestly though, I'm so thankful to be pregnant even if it means missing out on margaritas until June.

Overall we had a blast. We always leave Iowa with great memories. It was slightly bittersweet as this might be the last time my grandma has the whole family home for the holidays. It is difficult for her to prepare and recover from hosting 20 extra bodies even with my mom and dad's help.


Blogger gracechild said...

actually sounds like it was a lot of fun. those big family gatherings are great as long as they don't last more than a few days :)

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