Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He's almost here....

My friend Kristi is an infertility success story. She did three cycles of IUI with injectables and now her little boy is due next week. Today she posted on her blog about her last doctor's appointment before the big day. Her OB/GYN and her RE are all in the same building so she was writing about how she has driven up to that building with so many different emotions in the last year.

Anyway, here is a little bit of what she wrote:
I got the phone call from my new doctor telling me that it would be really difficult for me to get pregnant. After many tears and several weeks of denial, I finally called her back to see what the next step would be. And what do you know....they had a doctor on another floor who deals with infertility and could help us out. So I began going back to that same building, now not feeling as hopeful, and also a little ashamed at how difficult this would be for me (why am I not normal?), and a bit like a fool for thinking having a baby would come so easily (hello, high school students getting pregnant on prom night!!), and we began the long process of fertility treatments. I visited that building every other day during the three cycles we tried.....and those visits always brought the roller coaster of feelings.....hopefulness as we began and went through a new cycle, then feelings of despair when it didn't work, and then another glimmer of hope as we began a new cycle, and so on. I began to despise visiting this building!

Finally, on one visit last November, I got the overwhelming news that I was indeed pregnant! I liked this building again!! Nothing can top the elation Matt and I felt that day when we found out that all we had been through had paid off!

And now her little boy is about to be born. Stories like Kristi's give me hope. They are such a great example of the Lord's blessing and provision. I can't wait to meet their little boy!!!!


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