Sunday, April 13, 2008

32 weeks...

Well, today is 32 weeks. Working on month 8. I can't really believe it.

We saw our RE last weekend when we went out to dinner. JW looks over and says, "I think that's our fertility doctor." It made me laugh because he said it like he couldn't remember Dr. K's name after all this time. Anyway, Dr. K came over to our table shook JW's hand, gave me a big hug and commented on how different I look from the last time he saw me (which was at 7 weeks).
After Dr. K left JW and I started talking about some friends of ours who have a FET this week. It is their second frozen transfer after two unsuccessful fresh transfers. JW noted that he thought T$ (the wife) looked really sad and kind of uninterested at the baby shower we went to (as mentioned in the previous post). I started talking about how hard baby showers are and how hard babies are in general. And it just rambled into a whole monologue about feeling happy for your friend but sad for yourself and then feeling kind of like a jerk for being sad and jealous.....and well, I almost started crying there at the table.

Anyway, our friends had their FET on Friday so they should know the results in about 1 1/2 weeks or so. I've never wanted someone I know to have a baby as badly as I want this couple to (except for my sister and brother-in-law when they were going through the adoption process). We've walked beside this couple through both of our struggles to conceive. We did clomid and injectables and stuff before moving on to IVF. They went straight to IVF because they know it is the only way for them to conceive a child. T$ has been my real life friend to talk about things like the HSG test, giving yourself a shot, PIO pains and of course the terrible feeling of failure when a cycle doesn't work out. I love my blog IF friends but I know it is a special blessing to have a real life friend to talk to about this kind of stuff. And although IVF is a special club we belong to I'm ready for my friend to also get to join the Mommy Club.
So, we wait. We hope. We pray. Wait, Hope, Pray....a continuous cycle if the IF world.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Great moments....

So, we went to a couples' baby shower on Friday night. Their sweet baby is due in early August but they've moved to Iowa and this was the chance to have a little "home town" shower for them. Anyway, the theme of the shower was "Good things come in tiny packages" because they needed to get tiny things so they wouldn't be lugging home big stuff on the airplane. I got them their grooming kit and two small books. Here is the conversation that ensued after they opened our gift:

N (mom-to be): Oh! And books. I don't think we have these yet.
J (Dad to be): These are great. Are y'all reading to the baby yet?
JW and I exchange a look. Reading to the baby? In the womb?? Seriously???
Me: "No. But the baby does watch a lot of TV."

Ahh....we're bad parents already. :)