Monday, August 28, 2006

Dear Dr. D.....You're office is irritating.

I love my Ob/Gyn. I met her at a party and fell in love with her. When I meet with her I feel totally comfortable and it is great.

However I have been VERY frustrated with them lately for the following reasons:
1) I had bloodwork done on CD 3 for the clomid challenge test. The tech drew the blood and said, "The doctor will call you on Monday with results." I could've walked out right then BUT I knew that I was suppose to get a prescription for clomid that day. When I asked about it everyone looked at me with blank stares. I had to leave a message for the nurse who called me back that afternoon to tell me my prescription would be called in.

The label on the prescription said "Take 2 tablets daily as directed." Ha! I wasn't directed!! Gosh, hope the information I read on the internet was right!

What if I hadn't known I needed to get it that day because I had to start it on CD 5 which was a Sunday?????

2) I called to make an appointment for the next bloodwork on CD 10. My doctor practices at 2 different offices. Her nurse told me I needed to call the office I would be going to in order to set the appointment. So I call them and they tell me that I need to leave a message for the nurse to set up the the SAME nurse calls me back to set it up. Thanks for the run around.

3) The CD 10 bloodwork was done on Friday so I was expecting results today. I'm really nervous about whether this stuff is even working; however, NO ONE called today. SO Frustrating!!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Are you up to the challenge???

This week I have started the clomid challenge test. It is suppose to test if my ovaries respond to fertility meds. I had bloodwork done on day 3 of my cycle and I started taking the pills on Sunday!
Of course I forgot to take my pill this morning and Husband had to drive 20 minutes out of his way to bring it to me. He is my knight in shining armor because he didn't even hesitate to do it!!

Anyway, I'm totally freaked out by the possible side effects of can make you really hormonal.....Husband is REALLY freaked out by that!!

There is also a chance that the clomid could work this cycle and we'll have a BIG FAT POSITIVE pregnancy test around the middle of September....Hope! I've still got it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Call me...

Hey, you should call me. Call me and tell me your pregnant. It will be both exciting and gut wrenching for me. I'll be so happy for you and extremely jealous at the same time.

Then I will write your due date on my calendar in between Robin's, Amanda's, Jessica's, Jaimie's, Crystal's, Brittney's, Carole's and many more. Sometimes I feel surrounding by pregnant girls. I go to church with pregnant girls. I work with pregnant girls. Heck, even my Ob/Gyn is pregnant.

Gosh, I sound bitter. I really am so happy for my friends. I'm just jealous. I wish them happy, healthy, wonderful pregnancies. I can't wait to meet their sweet babies. I just want to meet my sweet baby too.

Monday, August 14, 2006

One year....and counting

It has been a year. A year. A year without birth control...which is wonderful. A year of taking my temperature every morning....which is not wonderful. A year of day counting and ovulation kits. A year of peeing on sticks and waiting for a line, a plus, anything positive. A year of waiting. A year of hoping.
A year of missed opportunities.