Monday, October 29, 2007

Belly pats and Bella Bands....

Last week a woman at work patted my belly. It was kind of sweet and entirely uncomfortable at the same time. People seem taken aback when they notice my pooch and ask how far along I am. "Eight weeks." I usually wind up saying, "But the pooch is due to all the fertility medication I was on to get here. The baby is the size of a grain of rice." This always gets interesting responses.....but it is a nice little segway into sharing how the Lord has blessed us.

Today at work I wore a bella band for the first time. I bought this great skirt at the beginning of the year. It is red and white and I wear it with this cute white top and these great red sandals. It is one of my favorite outfits but with the arrival of fall I know there are only a few days left when I'll be able to wear it.....there is just something wrong about strappy sandals and bare legs in November (even in Texas).
Anyway, I only zipped the skirt halfway and wore a band with it. It was awesome. I wish I'd had one of these before I was pregnant for those "fat" days or when we went to eat at a great restaurant. I'm really resisting maternity clothes at this point but I also need to face the reality that my pants don't I got the bands and they'll do until I can make it to the mall to buy new pants in a slightly larger size.

Overall I think the pants not fitting would be depressing if I didn't have a good reason for it. I'm so excited about being pregnant and so in love with this baby already that it doesn't bother me. The baby bump is making it hard to keep this pregnancy on the downlow at I guess I'll be letting people know sooner rather than later.

Monday, October 22, 2007

We have a heartbeat....

I've been so anxious about this day. I don't know if all newly pregnant women feel this anxiety about the first ultrasound or if this a unique feeling to those of us who've struggled to get this far...

We went into Dr. K's and saw our little baby and a flickering heart on the ultrasound screen. I told Dr. K, "This is so much better than all the other ultrasounds I've had." I had tears in my eyes as we watched the little flicker on the scrren.

Dr. K gave us a few instructions and talked about when I needed to set up an appointment with my OB/GYN. Then he hugged me and shook JW's hand....and that was it. I started crying again. I love Dr. K. I've so looked forward to "graduating" from the RE but I'm going to miss him too. I want to send something to their office but what exactly says "Thanks for making our dream come true!"

Anyway, afterwards JW and I went to lunch and then I enjoyed the rest of the day snuggled on my couch with my dog watching Tivo and napping while it poured rain outside. Back to the real world tomorrow :)

OH!! And my due date is June 6th....the day before my 10 year reunion....I guess I'll be sitting it out!! Woohoo!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Giving 'em something to talk about....

I work in the front office of a middle school. I work with the "at-risk" kids. Today I ate lunch in the middle of a huge project but the rest of the office ladies ate together---secretaries, assistant principal and principal. Anyway, all the secretaries were talking about me and asking if I was pregnant.

Here were the symptoms they've noticed:
1) I've looked "green" the past few days....although today it might've been from the paint fumes since our office was painted last night
2) I've been really tired (I must look tired because I haven't told any of them I'm tired)
3) They've noticed a little poochiness in my mid section.

So, basically I'm green, fat and look terrible. HA HA HA!!
I'm so thankful I am pregnant because wouldn't it be awful for people to think you were fat, green and ugly for no reason at all :) :)

Anyway, it was funny because my principal knows I'm pregnant so she called me into her office to tell me that the other office ladies are on to me and be ready because they might try to find out.

I'm going shopping after school tonight to get a few pairs of pants that have a little more room in the waist and some new tops.....because I'm hoping the poochiness in my stomach continues until June!!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

253! Whew!

So, Wednesday's beta was 253. Woohoo!!

It is so surreal this pregnancy thing. I've wanted to be pregnant for so long that I'm not quite sure what to do with myself now. I'm excited. I'm scared. I'm happy....all at the same time. It doesn't really feel real.

I have fluid in my abdomen from all the medications. My RE says this is to be expected but it feels weird that my pants already don't fit at 4 1/2 weeks.

Thanks so much for all the congratulations and best wishes. I love y'all!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

111 is my magic number!!

We had our first beta yesterday and it was 111!! I'm pregnant. I'm actually pregnant. I really didn't believe it when the nurse called. I still don't really believe it.

I had purchased a onesie from the college we attended over a year ago and intended to give it to JW when we finally got pregnant. So, I took it to work with me yesterday just in case. I got the news around 2pm but we'd already agreed not to talk on the phone about the news whether it was good or I got home about 4:30pm. I walked in the door and said, "I have a gift for my baby's daddy." And then the excitement began!!!!

We told both sets of our parents, my sister and his brother last night. Otherwise we are keeping it quiet from real life people for as long as possible.....which probably isn't going to be that long since a lot of people know we did IVF.

I have my 2nd beta tomorrow morning and we're hoping to see it double!

I'M PREGNANT!!!! Woohoo!!!